Aarti Informatics lead in development and invention of the industry’s most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, web-based solutions, business strategies, SEO, marketing strategies, PHP and Java solutions.

To fulfill our mission as an IT company we will strive to:

  • Provide secure and reliable networks, servers and apps as the foundation for effective information exchange.
  • Plan > Design > Develop > Implement and Support Effective Solutions
  • Provide faculty, staff, students and researchers with easily accessible
    1. Administrative and Academic Data
    2. Communication Services such as E-Mail, Interment, V-Conferencing and Telephones.
    3. Distance Learning Technology such as Online Instruction.
  • Provide back-up for and participate in the study and utilization of current proven technologies.
  • Provide exceptional customer facility by being responsive, adaptive, timely and accountable in meeting the requirement of customers.
  • Provide direction in development and adoption of Nationwide IT policies and procedures.
  • Maximize Aarti Informatics investment in information Technology