What is reality? To most of us it is anything that we can see, feel or perceive. But is it really so? By that definition, reality should be fixed and unchangeable. Perceptually, reality remains that way, but in many ways, we have been shown over the years that some things are not as they seem. Our ancestors had perceived and believed the Earth to be flat, and that it was the center of the universe, that the sun, moon and the stars revolved round it. It has been proved that except for the moon, nothing revolves round us, and the Universe is vastly more complicated thatit seems, and that the Earth was round, not flat. Many such discoveries have been made, and they all exist as theories proving that reality is not what it seems.

Here are 10 not-so-well-known theories, which have a different take of reality.

1 The Big Freeze

The Big FreezeSeveral theories exist, as to how the universe will end, of which the strangest, perhaps, is this one. It says that there is a finite amount of energy in the Universe and it is slowly being used up. As that happens everything will slow down to a stop. And with it the excitation of particles that causes heat. It will not be a catastrophic end, but a long slowing down of everything to a complete cessation.

2 Solipsism

SolipsismThis is a branch of philosophical thinking that says that the only thing that must surely exist is the mind, and the thoughts in it. Any knowledge outside one’s mind is unsure, and other minds and the outside world cannot be known and may not exist. At the same time, it is hard to verify that anything but your consciousness exists.

3 Idealism

IdealismThis school of thought says that Reality, or reality as we know it can only exist in the mind. It is a mental construct, and is in all other ways immaterial. This is much in line with the ancient Hindu philosophy that all is “maya” or unreal. However as far as the theory of idealism goes, it is easily refuted. If we kick a heavy stone, it will move, and it will also hurt our foot.

4 Plato and The Theory of Forms

Plato and The Theory of FormsPlato claimed that the real world that exists, is not the one we perceive, which is only a copy. Only by applying the right reasoning can we see the real forms. At the same time, Plato was also a “monist”. Monism says that reality is formed of one basic material or element. Different things were simply different arrangements of the same material. This was quit prophetic as modern physics believe in much the same thing.

5 Presentism

PresentismTime may be considered a long road we pass down. We can look forward and we can look backwards but we cannot turn back. Presentism would disagree with that concept. Followers of this theory believe that neither the past nor the future exists – only the present does. Thus each moment in time exists only for that moment and that moment alone. However it is hard to see how this theory explains experience and collected knowledge.

6 Eternalism

EternalismIn contrast to Presentism, Eternalism states that time exists in many layers. Any observer, depending on his position in time sees one layer. His position, however is continuously changing so he is constantly passing through these layers

7 Brain in a Vat

Brain in a VatThis concept should be familiar to those who have seen the move ‘The Matrix’. It says that the sum total of our brains’ experience is merely something that is fed to it, by an external source. Our physical manifestation is a myth. This is however difficult to prove as the existence of anything but our consciousness.

8 Multiverses

MultiversesThis is a fairly old theory. It says that an infinite number of universes exist in parallel to ours, each of which is slightly different to the other. In a different universe you or I would be quite different persons.

9 Fictional Realism

Fictional RealismThis theory sorts of moves into that of Multiverses. Since in an infinite number of universes, anything would be possible, and somewhere or the other, our superheroes – Superman, X Men, Wolverine, or Spiderman are sure to exist.

10 Phenomenalism

PhenomenalismPhenomenalists believe that no object can be in existence as itself, but only as a series of perceived phenomena. That means it only exists as a hardness, aredness or blueness, or a sweetness or sourness, and so on. It is these perceptual phenomena in which the object exists.

After this list of 10, it would seem that reality and illusion seem to blur for most of us. You may not believe in any one of these theories – but you cannot help wonder – What is Reality – Really?!

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