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Keyword research using wordtracker, Overture and GoogleAdwords

Keyword research is one of the rudimentary steps in search engine optimization. With the help of this, you can find keywords that relate to your website or are exclusive to your domain.

Website Analysis
Search Engine Genie offers an analytical approach to your website as a part of the website marketing drive. It works out the websites capability for SEO and PPC services…
1. HTML Validation Checking-
We also offer HTML Validation for badly coded websites. Bad coding is a big block for website visitors. With the help of HTML Validation we can recode those pages and make them Search Engine friendly.
2. No of Keywords-
The Keywords we Target is based as per the requirements of the Client.
3. SEO Consulting-
Our SEO consulting services will help your website fare a good rank on the best of search engines.-
4. Guaranteed Placements-
It is our guarantee that we will place you on top of the chart in most of the major search engines like Google, as far as your competitive keywords are concerned.
Comprehensive Monthly Ranking Reports
Search Engine Genie will keep you updated with all that is going on between your website and the search engines. In our monthly ranking reports we will provide…
1. Extensive Competitive Analysis-
The websites of all your competitors are studied thoroughly. We also are able to find the keywords for which they have achieved that rank and try to inculcate those into your website.
2. Technical Support-
You are going to get the best technical cover of your life. Our teams of experts are always ready to help you be it initially or during the maintenance of your website.
3. 24/7 Phone support and online support-
Our SEO professionals are keen to offer your online/offline support through mail, live chat and by phone as well.
4. Spell Checking-
We also offer spell checking services for your website. Websites that are grammatically perfect and have no spelling mistakes are prone to get high traffic.
5. SEO Copywriting
Our SEO Copywriting services will rewrite the text in your website to make them Search Engine friendly without losing their appeal to the web-visitors.
Image Optimization-
Images also have a significant role to play when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. The images of your website can be optimized to get high PR.
Creation of Meta information –
META information is used by web crawlers to retrieve information about HTML documents. Thus the crawlers are able to index the information more accurately.
Hand Submission to DMOZ directory-
DMOZ directory is the most prevalent directory on the World Wide Web. If your website is enlisted on this directory, it is a big achievement.
DMOZ title and description optimization and submission-
DMOZ is the most crucial directory of the web. It powers GOOGLE and many other smaller directories. A listing in the DMOZ directory is considered to be an expert listing for many websites.
Website Usability Analysis by Usability and copyediting expert-
A website is considered of Low Usability when a page navigator is unable to find the information he was looking for.
Website submission to Major Blogs for links-
We also submit the link of your website to major blogs for link building. This in turn helps us generate targeted traffic to your website.
Creation of robots file-
We also create Robot files. These files are in the root directory of a webpage and they determine which search engines haveaccess to which pages of your website.
Resubmission of sites to certain search engines if necessary-
Some Search Engines tend to drop old websites from their database. These search engines are not too active in crawling websites. We resubmit the links of your website to these search engines if necessary.
Submission to important paid inclusion directories
Apart from all the free directories, there are many important paid directories. We submit you website to such directories which in turn helps generate more traffic.
The technique of MOD_Rewrite is used to simplify dynamic URLs, especially the URLs which have multiple query strings and are difficult to be comprehended by search engines.
Signed up contract for half yearly or yearly placements
All our practices are clean. We always provide a signed up contact which would last for long time search engine placements. All the documents are signed by our CEO.
Website Load time checking with customized tools
Alike good browsers, search engines also have a compatibility problem with the websites. Some sites do not perform to the core with certain search engines; we optimize the same with the help of certain tools.
Search engine submission
All search engines are not the same. Some even cannot find websites by a link, they are smaller search engines and they need manual submission to get sites included in their search results.
Site map for better crawling of your site
We create site maps for websites that are big and especially those websites that do not have good crawling abilities.
Search Engine Algorithm Updates
We maintain a regular check on Search Engine Algorithm Updates. Certain search engines keep changing their algorithms regularly to withstand the tough competitive market.
Guaranteed Website Inclusion into Google Search Engine
The world today is dominated by the best search engine of all times- We include your listings in the same.
Multiple CD Burned backups of Optimized pages and site
The websites and pages we optimize are carefully burned into multiple high quality CD’s thus all the backup can be preserved.
Browser Compatibility checking
SEO is not all about making websites fit for search engines. Even the users and web visitors should be taken into consideration during website optimization.
Link Popularity Building
The number of links pointing to your site or webpage in the web from other sites is known as Link Popularity.
Link baiting
It is the most modern term in the SEO dictionary. It has become the best way of building links.
Complimentary Google ad words management Campaign
Search Engine Genie aids in improving the current statistics of your Google Ad Words Campaign.
Social Bookmarking Services
Social bookmarking has become the most powerful tool for generating traffic onto your website. This is done by marketing your website in leading social networks and thereby attracting targeted traffic.
Natural Links from education and Government sites
The main idea behind SEO is to build links. Natural linking refers to the way of development of a website in such a manner that web visitor’s start linking to your page on their own accord.
Social Media Optimization Services Include:
1. Facebook Promotion– Divert target audience with our Facebook Marketing services. At Search Engine Genie, we develop Facebook Marketing Strategies to give a dynamic social presence to your website. Our range of Facebook marketing solutions include – Facebook Marketing Campaign, Page Design, Facebook Application Development, Viral Marketing, Paid Adverts and lot more.

2. Twitter Promotion– If you want to be an internet sensation among millions of website visitors, it is important to tweet your business right away. With our Twitter marketing strategies you will be building followers, getting followed and noticed right from square one.

3. LinkedIn Promotion–To linkup with your target audience, you should get acquainted with our LinkedIn promotion strategies. Our unique ideas and strategies will help you fare better in online presence than your competitors. We offer result oriented Linked-In promo strategies that will build your brand image, enhance your product promotion and boom your profits.

4. Forum Marketing – We will make you active in the most important forums on the Internet. All the related forums on the Internet that share the same niche as your business, we will make you a part of them to generate and reach target audience.

5. Blog Marketing – All the lively, high quality and relevant blogs on the Internet are targeted by us. We make your presence felt in all such blogs thus taking your brand awareness to a totally new level.

Article Writing and Article Submissions
This is a tried and tested tool that is sure to establish and take your brand to a new level if used properly. We will provide with fantastic and well written and researched articles that are free from plagiarism to make you a sensational and much-desired online icon.

Online Press Release Writing and Distribution
Another neat and powerful tool to boost online exposure is Press Release writing. What sets a Press Release apart from a normal article is that it is very engaging and always has a ‘Creative Punch’. We generate mind blowing press releases about your brand and distribute them to news websites. InformaticsUncategorizedbest seo plans,cheap seo plans,seo plans,seo servicesKeyword research using wordtracker, Overture and GoogleAdwords Keyword research is one of the rudimentary steps in search engine optimization. With the help of this, you can find keywords that relate to your website or are exclusive to your domain. Website Analysis Search Engine Genie offers an analytical approach to your website...Daily News, News Magazine, Online Magazine