Security is boring—specially when it works correctly.

Wireless SensorThe new Sesame 2 key fob is the best security solution for your Mac that’s exactly the right kinda boring. It’ll lock your computer automatically when you walk away from it. But it gets to break its ‘boredom tag’ by allowing for some customizable actions including two-factor authentication.

The portable device fastens to your keychain or slips into your change pocket and pairs to your Mac over Bluetooth. It is capable of calculating your physical distance from your machine, and when you stroll too far away from your Mac, it can force the screen to lock, needing a login to access the desktop again.

When you come back, it’ll unlock your computer automatically. Alternatively, if you have the optional Two-Factor Authentication mode enabled, you’ll need both the system password and the Sesame 2 to unlock the computer.

Atama initially put out its first Sesame Bluetooth key last year. The latest version, the Sesame 2, is now up for sale on the London-based company’s website for $39, or at Apple Stores and Amazon in the U.K. for £39.

The distance that sets off a screen lock is a little bit customizable—users can pick between “Near” and “Far” locking distances. Nonetheless, there’s some fluctuation in actual distance due to varying real-world conditions, the “Near” option usually locks your Mac once you step 20-25 feet away from it.

Apart from locking and unlocking your screen, the Sesame 2 also enables you to automate custom actions with AppleScript. For instance, you can set Spotify to pause when you walk away and resume when you return, or adjust your messaging status on to “Away” automatically when you stroll to the kitchen.

Wireless SensorAlthough you can definitely make use of a smartphone app to achieve close to the same net result—locking and unlocking your computer as per your proximity—the app method does require further dependence on your phone. In case you carry your phone with you everywhere you go, you don’t need something like the Sesame 2. But if you’re looking for freedom to leave your phone behind or stashed in your bag while you interface offline, then the compact, low-impact Sesame is a must-have, as it gives you one less thing to worry about when you step away from your computer.

Can you guess what’s gonna happen if you lose your keys with the Sesame 2 attached? Well, the fob’s fail-safe is the same as if you’d forgotten your Mac OS X system password: simply reboot your computer in target disk mode and reset your login requirements.

Atama’s Sesame 2 is presently compatible with the entire range of Macs from 2012 or later, running either OS X 10.9.5 or OS X 10.10. Notwithstanding that there’s presently no option available for Windows PCs, Atama is running beta-testing for an eventual Windows-supported release.

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