3D MammogramsAs a woman, one of your greatest fears, no doubt is that of breast cancer. It is a disease that is the most common among women, and the risk of developing it is far more likely in developed countries than in developing ones. In its initial phase, it is non-invasive, but if left untreated, it gradually starts to spread out to neighboring cells, when it becomes invasive. In its later stage it reaches the lymph nodes and spreads to other organs of the body (metastasis). There are many reasons for Breast cancer. Age is one. 80% of breast cancer happens in post-menopausal women. Other reasons include genetic and family history, and lifestyle.

The only way to control breast cancer is frequent checkups. You can regularly check your breasts for lumps. You can also have mammograms taken as advised by the doctor. But mammograms are not always conclusive.Recently, however, new research has found a technique which detects the disease with greater certainty. Tomosynthesisor a 3D breast scan, is capable of detecting invasive cancer by as much as 41% compared with mammograms. Thereisalsoa 29% greater detection of all breast cancers, and a 15% drop in the recall rate.

The photo compares the results of a simple mammography, compared to a 3D scan. While 3D scan shows the tumor quite clearly, the mammogram, which is two dimensional, does not show it at all.

The 3D scan, as its name suggests builds a very detailed and in-depth three dimensional picture of the tissues of the breast, making it easier to detect tumors. This is especially significant as a projection for 2014 says 232,670 new patients will get breast cancer, and 40,000 will die from it.

Dr. Emily Conant from the Perelman school of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and the author of the study says that 3D mammography finds clinically significant cancerous tumors earlier, which gives the patient more options for treatment, and increases chances of eventual survival. This study examined nearly 500,000 mammograms and 3D breast scans from across the USA to reach its conclusions.

The chief executive of the Breast Cancer Campaign, Baroness Morgan says this is one of the largest studies to date that said the addition of tomosynthesis to digital mammography appears to greatly improve the accuracy of breast screening, and that the results were promising..

Incidentally, it also confirmed a link between GM corn and a well-known weed killer to breast cancer that had been suspected earlier.
Breast anatomy
You can also decrease the chances of contracting this disease through some life-style changes. These are, in short:

  1. Physical Exercise

    Exercising five days a week has been shown to cause a reduction in the incidence of breast cancer.

  2. Diet

    Maintaining a healthy diet can reduce the chances of Breast cancer.

  3. Body Weight

    Over weight can increase the risk.

  4. Alcohol Consumption

    Women who abstain from alcohol or drink moderately have a lower risk of breast cancer.

  5. Post-menopausal Hormone Therapy

    As post-menopausal women run a higher risk of the disease, limiting hormone therapy as per doctor’s advice can help.

  6. Breastfeeding

    Mothers who breastfeed their children have a much lesser risk of getting breast cancer.

  7. High-risk Patients

    Some women are considered to have a high risk of breast cancer, from heredity, or genetic makeup. Physicians can prescribe drugs that can reduce the risk.

  8. Breast cancer screening

    Finally, of course, regular breast cancer screening will detect cancer at an early stage, when the problem may be addressed by simpler means.

Given the total number of cases involved in the study, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the results seem pretty conclusive. Now you can be more secure in thinking that your chance of survival from breast cancer, if it happens will, due to earlier detection, will increase. However, you have to understand that tomosynthesis alone will not cure it. You still need to be on ta constant look out and be aware that checkups must be done regularly for early detection. By leading a proper life-style, the chances of contracting cancer will decrease a lot.

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