Weddings are a once in a lifetime kind of event. Women want to look their best on that day – and they also want to enjoy themselves to the fullest. After all, it is the one day you will probably remember fondly for years to come! So here are 11 wedding make up tips to achieve the hassle free Queen look!

wedding makeup tips

#1: Always try it out first

Whether you are doing your own make up or getting outside help, a trial run is essential. The thing about make up is that many things can look good in the mirror, but that doesn’t mean that it will look equally good in daylight, under artificial light and in photos and videos. Therefore a trial run is the most essential of all wedding makeup tips you can get. Try it out before hand and check it in all the above mentioned cases. If it works well enough for all of them, then go with the same look on your wedding day!

#2: Colors like peach, rose, pink and plum are your best friends

Wedding gowns are almost always white. And a white dress means that if you do not have touches of warmer shades in your makeup, the overall look will be very washed out and pale. Brides should always go for warm shades of pink and peach, if not darker shades for their lips, cheeks and also eyes.

#3: Go with a tried and tested look

Your wedding day is not the time to try out new looks, especially those which require too many touch ups. Go with looks that you have sported before, that look good on you, and that are low maintenance for the most part.

#4: Prep right for the long lasting look

Your skin needs to be prepped properly so that the makeup lasts longer, it looks natural and your skin is properly protected. Keep these tips in mind:
• Avoid oily eye creams and moisturizers as they make your concealer and foundation fade sooner.
• Use a moisturizer that is preferably water based and quick absorbing.
• Avoid sunscreen as they make you appear pallid. Use a foundation with a good SPF instead.

#5: Top foundation and concealer with powder to make it last longer

Foundation and concealer are a must, but they also tend to make your face shine, and within a few hours, they fade. A great way to stop both of these is to use a sheer powder that is almost the same color as your skin, and lightly dust after application of foundation and concealer. This sets them and makes your look survive the full day.

#6: Pick long wear options wherever available.

When it comes to good wedding makeup tips, it also helps to keep in mind that you should invest in long-stay options wherever possible. Your wedding day will have you all made up from morning till night. And you want your makeup to last with the minimum number of touchups. And long-stay makeup is key to that.

#7: Your mascara must be waterproof

Most women tend to cry on their wedding day. There is far too much happening, and it is all a touchy affair. But tears usually mean streaky mascara… unless you have waterproof mascara on. So do invest in that.

#8: Keep your eye shadow color soft and light

Smokey eyes make you look hot – but that doesn’t exactly go with a wedding dress. It looks too severe actually. Instead, go for light, dewy shades that look feminine for your eyeshadow.

#9: Layer on the blush for long lasting peachy cheeks

Blush is another thing that is a must. But a single layer of blush means that by the end of the wedding it will probably have faded to nothing. And you still have the entire reception to go. Ideally, you should layer a natural blush along with a slightly brighter cream or powder blush on top of it.

#10: Use liner to highlight your eyes

Black or dark eye liner really makes your eyes pop and look better in photos. So use some of that.

#11: Layer lipstick to make it last through the day

Finally, use lip stick and lip color in identical shades and layer on a few coats with both. This will make your lipstick last through the endless kissing (husband and guests) as well as food and drinks.

So there you go – 11 wedding makeup tips that are guaranteed to make you look your very best on your wedding day… and that too with minimum hassle! So get started now! InformaticsMARRIAGEmakeup tips,wedding day makeup tips,wedding hair and makeup,wedding makeup,wedding makeup looks,wedding makeup tipsWeddings are a once in a lifetime kind of event. Women want to look their best on that day – and they also want to enjoy themselves to the fullest. After all, it is the one day you will probably remember fondly for years to come! So here are...Daily News, News Magazine, Online Magazine