Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the most beautiful feeling in the world – love. On Valentine’s Day you show your love to your partner. So, if you’re looking to make this day memorable and extra special, then check out these creative and romantic ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

Decorate your house

Valentine’s Day Decorating the houseFirst of all decorate your house. Surprise your husband or your family with amazing Valentine’s Day decorations. Either go for heart-shaped balloons, or romantic candles, or trails of rose petals.

Surprise dinner

Valentine’s Day Surprise dinnerTo astonish your sweetheart plan out a surprise for him or her. Create a candlelight dinner in a secluded place, for example, on a balcony, or a romantic night picnic on the seashore. Romantic beverages and foods, like wine, chocolate and cheese should be in the menu.

Romantic dinner

Valentine’s Day Romantic dinnerDecorate a section of your house to make it look like a foreign place, and cook a homemade dinner. It can be the elaborately adorned rooftop barbecue or the decorations in the garden, your aim is to make your partner feel as if you’re somewhere else.


Valentine’s Day GiftsGiving gifts to your sweetheart that he or she truly enjoys and loves is a great way to celebrate a Valentine’s Day. Either pick some special smelling soaps, or coffee gift basket, or gift cards for favorite stores. Consider love letters and photo collages if you don’t want to spend lot of money.

Beautiful scrapbook

Valentine’s Day Beautiful scrapbookInstead of the typical flowers and chocolates create a beautiful scrapbook. Include in it all significant events in your relationship by compiling different keepsakes and reflections of some certain days, like first date, or first trip to a concert.

Couple’s massage

Valentine’s Day Couple’s massageFor a change opt for a couple’s massage at the best luxurious spa. Create a day of romance, relaxation and rest. Or give each other a luxurious massage at home to bring you and your sweetheart closer.

A night of dancing

Valentine’s Day Romantic evening of danceNight of dancing is a great way to bring a new couple together or bring an old relationship even closer. Have a romantic dinner, then take some drinks at a nightclub, and hit the dance floor.

Trail of rose petals

Valentine’s Day Trail of rose petalsFlowers are great to create a romantic atmosphere for love. Decorate the room with flowers, leave a trail of rose petals, light scented candles and play soft and romantic music in the background.

Lovely massage

Valentine’s Day MessageTurn into a personal masseuse this Valentine’s Day. Get massage oils and lotions, prepare a romantic bubble bath and have other pampering essentials to give your partner a special massage. Embellish the room with aromatherapy accessories and soothing music.

Personalized greeting card

Valentine’s Day Personalized greeting cardA greeting card detailing what’s unique about your partner makes a special gift on Valentine’s Day. Buy a blank greeting card and write a personal message to personalize it.

Valentine’s Day party

Valentine’s Day PartyThrowing a Valentine’s Day party for several couples is another awesome idea to celebrate the day. Hang some heart shaped balloons, light scented candles, put love songs and prepare some tasty finger foods. You can also include love specific games, to make the atmosphere more romantic.

Song composition

Valentine’s Day Song CompositionPick particular songs for your partner or create a compilation in accordance with the event intended for that evening. If you can sing then compose a song and ask for help from a local studio to record your song. But, this gift would need spending lot of money.

Wine tasting

Valentine’s Day Wine TastingWine tasting is a romantic option to try, that can remove all the jitters and put you both in the mood for love. Keep an eye on local wine tasting events and choose the best one.

Showing appreciation

Valentine’s Day Showing appreciationYou can show appreciation for your sweetheart in many ways. Plan a date out to a place that is specific to both of you. Like if you met at a certain location, you should go there. If the man intends to propose marriage, he can let his sweetheart know by going to a place where the wedding may occur.

Chocolates or candies

Valentine’s Day Chocolates or CandyNowadays you can get custom-make chocolate and candy adorned with special pictures or messages. This makes a great gift for new couples intending on a long-term relationship.’s-Day-Creative-and-Romantic-Ideas-to-Celebrate-Valentine’s-Day.jpg’s-Day-Creative-and-Romantic-Ideas-to-Celebrate-Valentine’s-Day-300x300.jpgAarti InformaticsLOVE & FRIENDSRELATIONSHIPValentine’s Day Beautiful scrapbook,Valentine’s Day Chocolates or Candy,Valentine’s Day Couple’s massage,Valentine’s Day Creative and Romantic Ideas,Valentine’s Day Decorating the house,Valentine’s Day Party,Valentine’s Day Personalized greeting card,Valentine’s Day Romantic dinner,Valentine’s Day Romantic evening of dance,Valentine’s Day Showing appreciation,Valentine’s Day Song Composition,Valentine’s Day Trail of rose petals,Valentine’s Day Wine TastingValentine’s Day is about celebrating the most beautiful feeling in the world – love. On Valentine’s Day you show your love to your partner. So, if you're looking to make this day memorable and extra special, then check out these creative and romantic ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day: Decorate your...Daily News, News Magazine, Online Magazine