banana-and-orange-peelsSure you like fruit and eat a lot of it. If not, you should be. The whole fruit, I mean, and not just the juice. Fruit like apples and pears, you should eat whole. Most of the goodness is in the peel. Some of the most useful nutrients reside in the peel. Of course there are some fruits that you just have to peel like bananas and oranges. No one eats the peel of these fruits. They are usually thrown away.

What is little known is that while throwing away the lowly banana peel and the orange peel we are also discarding a lot of useful benefits, both medicinal and practical. Let’s take a look at their respective uses of these peels.

Orange Peels


Medicinal Properties
  1. Use in Ayurveda

    The ancient discipline of Ayurveda says that orange peel is (tikta) bitter, and it improves digestion, and the movement of the bowels. It helps in cases of heartburn, gas, vomiting and acid reflux. It has pacifying properties and the powdered orange peel helps dissolve phlegm in the respiratory system, and relieves cough, asthma, and other related complaints of the respiratory system.

  2. Anti-inflammatory

    essential oils extracted from orange peel have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. The essential oil d-limonene can neutralize an excess of stomach acids and assist in proper bowel movements, and also improve liver functions. Such essential oils have sedative properties and can be used to relieve nervous tension and induce sleep. It can be used in baths or simmered in water.

  3. Anti-cholesterol

    consumption of orange peel can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Overweight persons who have high cholesterol levels can benefit from it.

A flavonoid present in orange peel called hesperidine, has been known to be effective against cancer of the colon and osteoporosis.

Cosmetic and beautifying properties
  1. Applying orange peel on oily skin, balances skin oil and makes the skin soft and supple.
  2. Dried orange peel beads are natural exfoliators. They gently remove blackheads and dead skin flakes and make the skin glow.
  3. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties and a cleansing effect which make it very effective against puss-filled acne and pimples
About the house
  1. When the house smells damp and musky, orange peel boiled in water with clove and cinnamon can remove the odor, and fill it with fragrance.
In the kitchen
  1. The zest of the orange peel has many applications in enhancing the flavor and taste of dishes.
  2. Dried orange peel can keep brown sugar dry.
  3. Orange peel when used in making sweets and improve your appetite, and it is full of vitamin C which is good for you in many ways.

Banana Peels


Medicinal Properties
  1. Anti-inflammatory

    They are very good in healing bruises. They can also be very beneficial in the treatment of acne. All you need to do is rub the inside of the peel on the affected area. This is also come in handy with bruises and cuts.

  2. Headache reliever

    Banana peels held over the head when you have a headache are seen to actually relieve the pain.

  3. Skin diseases

    Banana peels can actually help you to cure warts, itches, rashes and even psoriasis. You need to rub the inside of the peel over the affected areas and that will cause respite as well as prevent the condition from coming back. But this needs to be done regularly.

Beautifying properties

Did you know that all your ageing woes can actually be answered with banana peels? This is because they have wrinkle fighting properties. They also tighten the skin. All you need to do is take the peel and rub the inside over your skin on a daily basis. With repeated use the effects will show.

Another great thing is that banana peel can actually also whiten your teeth. Use it the same way and you will have whiter teeth in just a week!

About the house
  1. Banana peel can act as a natural and non-corrosive polish.
  2. You can use it to polish leather, shoes and even silver!

So you see, peel from organic bananas and oranges actually have a treasure trove of uses locked in them. And you can actually tap into these for free! So the next time you have any of the fruits, don’t just throw away the peel – put it to better use instead!

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