Workouts are a must to stay fit. But come summer and most of you want to spend more time in the pool than at the gym, right? So why not turn he pool into your ‘gym-of-sorts’ with these 9 slimming swimming workouts? And there is a lot more benefit in this than you’d ever guess. Water is relaxing and soothing, and swimming at once gives you a flexibility, HIIT, strength and cardio workout. So check out these 9 tips now…Slimming Swimming Workouts

9 Slimming Swimming Workouts!

#1: Use your energy efficiently in the pool

Did you know that Dolphins actually use 80% of their energy in propelling themselves forward in water, whereas the average pool swimmer wastes almost all his energy without really moving forward much? Work with a pro coach to improve on your particular skills.

#2: Use the ocean to your advantage

The pool is just still self-contained water and the ocean is free and immense. The surf, the sand, the waves and the current all serve as resistance, giving you a more intense workout. So swimming in the sea can be an even better workout. However, make sure that you are skilled enough to swim in the ocean, have a buddy along, just in case. And always make sure that you are in easy sight and reach of experienced lifeguards.

#3: Do an ocean interval training

The sea can help you do your usual interval training – and that too a high intensity one. Swim out into the ocean and swim for about 50-65 strokes. Test which way the current is. Now starts your training. Alternate between swimming 2 minutes against the current, and 90 seconds with it. So this 4 times before taking a 1 minute break. Now do 4 minutes against the current and 3 minutes with it – again 4 times. Take another break and finally do a moderate effort swim for another 20 minutes against the current.

#4: A lake can also be a great option

There may not be waves here and neither are there very strong currents. But lakes still offer a harder workout than your backyard swimming pool. But ensure you have a buddy and stay safe.

#5: Racing in the lake

Racing with a friend across a lake can be another challenge. The race means you’ll swim harder. To make it more challenging, you can race with different guideline, like no use of hands or no use of feet; swim on the back or swim with your head above water at all times. You could also ensure that both swimmers include all 4 strokes (breast, butterfly, back and free) in every lap.

#6: Do a fin assisted workout

This one needs to be done in the ocean for best results. As for the structure of the workout, it’s best to work with a swimming workout instructor who’ll know exactly what your level is and accordingly tailor one for you. However, remember that you need to do some general lower body warmup before you start with fins.

#7: Alternating workout

This one should be done in and around the pool. By alternating is meant that you will switch between swimming, exercising out of the water and exercising while in the water – though not swimming. These can be very versatile workouts and can help you to incorporate various problem areas into one single workout.

#8: Timed laps in the pool

This workout may remind you of a competing swimmer training and it is very similar. Here you get a friend or trainer to help out by keeping time. Start by warming up outside the water. And then you do different kinds of strokes, different durations and different intensities. You can also take breaks in between wherever necessary – though not long ones.

#9: Swim long distance – in the pool

For this workout you need to swim long distances without breaks in the middle. Part of the way you can do with a kickboard, another part with a pull buoy. They all ensure that you get a more intense workout for specific parts of your body.

But ultimately, the slimming swimming workouts should be tailored to each person’s proficiency and fitness levels. And so even as you have got the general idea here – do remember to take additional help from a coach! InformaticsFITNESSslimming swimming workouts,swimmer training,swimmers,swimming workoutsWorkouts are a must to stay fit. But come summer and most of you want to spend more time in the pool than at the gym, right? So why not turn he pool into your ‘gym-of-sorts’ with these 9 slimming swimming workouts? And there is a lot more benefit...Daily News, News Magazine, Online Magazine