Most of you are gym-goers, I assume, and you don’t go there out of mere whim. You are serious about your health and keeping fit. You are pretty confident about your routine and don’t consult any fitness experts, any more. The gym instructor who must have helped you choose the right routine and taken you through it in the first days, does not pay close attention to how you are faring any more as you look reasonably confident. Unfortunately, Ideas about safe exercising changes over time, And you may not be aware of it. The upshot, you may still be doing exercises and routines that are not considered useful or safe anymore. We bring you 7 exercises that fitness experts wish people would stop doing, or would do properly.

Here are 7 exercises that you should not be doing without proper supervision, or not doing at all.

1. Crunches

CrunchesCrunches are widely recommended and performed. But Ben Greenfield, certified strength and conditioning coach and sports nutritionist, and HuffPost blogger, likens the spine to credit cards in terms of flexibility. He says that just as a credit card on repeated flexing will lose its flexibility and be more prone to snapping, your spine could be acquiring a lifetime of strain on your back, by the repeated curling and straightening motion that crunching involves.

2. The Seated Hip Abductor/Adductor Machine

The Seated Hip AbductorAdductor MachineThe hip adductor and adducer machines are mainly for your inner and outer thighs and hips. The Adductor machine works the inner thigh while the Abductor machine works the outer part of your hips and gluteus muscles.

Chris Frey tag, national fitness expert, author and HuffPost blogger says it’s not efficient to exercise such a small muscle group. He thinks lunges are a better option, they are effective on a larger set of muscles. Walking lunges, cross-behind lunges, and step-ups all engage your outer and inner thigh, as well as train your whole muscle.

3. Behind-The-Head LatPulldown

Behind-The-Head LatPulldownThis is one exercise which it seems, everyone does. Modern trends of thought seem to go against it. Ramona Braganza, celebrity trainer and founder of 321 Fitness says that this exercise, if your shoulders are not flexible enough,there is a risk of harming them and causing acute pain in the rotator cuffs. Most trainers nowadays advise pulling the bars down the front of the shoulders.

4. American Kettle bell Swings (If You’re Not Ready For Them)

American Kettlebell SwingsThe American Kettlebell Swing is a modification of the traditional Russian Kettle bell Swing, which is less strenuous. The American method puts extra strain on the shoulder and back muscles. Collette Stohler, author of The Intuitive Athlete says that the American Kettle bell should be practiced only if the user is physically fit to do it. The Russian method is safer and should be used.

5. Curls In The Squat Rack

Curls In The Squat RackPerforming Curls in the Squat Rack is just not done, and is frowned upon by experienced gym-goers. Curls don’t involve very heavy weights and can be done anywhere, and the Squat Rack is supposed to be used for squats, says Pat Davidson, Ph.D., director of training methodology at Peak Performance in New York City.

6. The Leg Extension Machine

The Leg Extension MachineAlena Hall, HuffPost Third Metric Fellow and certified personal trainer, feels that exercises should be body weight based and/or using free weights as much as possible. She thinks no machine is flexible enough to fit all sizes, and often exercises are performed on them in a far from ideal position. The Leg Extension machine in particular relies on a movement which is not one used in our daily lives and it puts a strain on the kneecaps that can aggravate or bring on knee pain.

7. The Smith Machine

The Smith MachineIn the opinion of Alison Peters, NYU Lang one Medical Center exercise physiologist, due to the Smith Machine’s movement on a fixed plane, only the main muscle groups are used and the supporting minor muscle groups are not brought into play at all. This is not like real life situations where all the muscles are used. This can lead to serious injury when actually lifting heavy weights. Moreover, the smooth motion in a fixed plane and the balance can make the user feel they can lift more weights than they actually can. Peters recommends using free weights and gradually building up to greater weights safely over time.

Now you have an idea about what is wrong with these often used routines. In most cases they lead to over-exercise, under-exercise, or the wrong use of muscles. You will have noticed that the experts also tell you the right way to do these exercises. Just follow the advice, work with your gym instructor and you will be able to exercise safely and more effectively. ConteFITNESSexercise equipment,exercises,expert fitness,fitness expert,fitness experts,how to do exercise,why is exercise important,why is regular exercise importantMost of you are gym-goers, I assume, and you don’t go there out of mere whim. You are serious about your health and keeping fit. You are pretty confident about your routine and don’t consult any fitness experts, any more. The gym instructor who must have helped you choose...Daily News, News Magazine, Online Magazine