Have you ever seen the skin of a Chinese? It is so smooth and soft – and almost free of imperfections of any sort! And one is always left wondering just how can so many Chinese have such lovely hair and skin? Well, the answer lies in the beauty secrets from ancient Chinese! That’s right… ancient Chinese lore contains a lot of little secrets for health and inside-out beauty… and today we are unlocking 5 of those!

beauty secrets from ancient Chinese

5 Beauty Secrets From Ancient Chinese

While most of these secrets may not seem like much up front… you’ll realize that the Chinese usually include quite a few of them as part of their daily routine. And unlike our modern skin care formulae and methods, these have been tried and tested ages ago – and have indeed endured the centuries! So let’s take a look…

#1: Herbs

beauty-secrets-from-ancient-Chinese-HerbsAncient medicine, in most cultures, depended largely on herbs. And the Chinese are no different/. The question however is which herbs are the ones? Well, there are 3 major ones – though their ratios should and will vary according to the needs of your skin in particular:

• Huang Qi – this one has particular use in revitalizing skin. Whether it is due top aging or pollution, when your skin starts to look tired and dull, this one ca be of particular help.
• Bei Qi – clarifies the skin making it appear clearer and blemish free.
• Goji – goji berries are the ultimate herb for anti-aging.

And these are all used topically in masks and skin care recipes.

#2: Herbal Teas

beauty-secrets-from-ancient-Chinese-Herbal-TeasThe Chinese are also big tea drinkers – and till this day there are various teas that the Chinese brew and drink on a regular basis. And the teas are more often herbal than your regular black tea. It is believed that herbal teas are much lower on caffeine, and much higher in other beneficial ingredients.

Some of the common teas that you could try are Chrysanthemum or Ju Hua and Goji Berry. Both herbs are most potent in the summer – and help your body and skin to detox and bolster its self-defense mechanism.

To make goji tea, simply soak the berries in hot, warm or cold water for a time – you can also add in a bag of some other tea if you like. Thereafter, drink the tea and also eat the plumped up berries!

#3: Jade Roller

beauty-secrets-from-ancient-Chinese-Jade-RollerJade is a stone that appears time and again in Chinese lore. And it finds uses in skincare as well. A jade roller is the easiest way for you to incorporate this use, however. The roller recreates the motion of dry brushing – without the use of an actual brush. It also stimulates the acupressure points and clears meridian blockages. These allow your body to release negative energy and toxins. And their release is best reflected on the skin.

#4: Mung Beans

beauty-secrets-from-ancient-Chinese-Mung-BeansMung beans are good to taste – but used in a facial mask – they are surprisingly effective in dealing with acne and face puffing! In fact, it is said that Chinese empresses actually used a similar mask.

Besides these benefits, you can also use a mung bean mask to brighten the skin. Just buy some powdered mung beans (or powder some dry ones in a clean spice grinder at home). Make a paste using Greek Yogurt and then use as a mask.

#5: Turmeric Mask

beauty-secrets-from-ancient-Chinese-Turmeric-MaskTurmeric seems to be a common beauty and health ingredient across southern and eastern Asia – with even the Indians, and people in the Middle East using it as part of a bride’s preparation for marriage. Turmeric not only acts as an antiseptic and reduces acne, it also evens the skin tone and with regular use, can keep wrinkles at bay!

For this mask, mix together the following ingredient:

• Almond milk (it is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants) – 1 tbsp.
• Turmeric – 1 tsp.
• Honey – 1 tsp.

Apply onto your whole face and neck and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Thereafter rinse it off. Try it yourself and see the results!

So there were our 5 beauty secrets from ancient Chinese… They are all pretty accessible and quite easy. And they are all guaranteed to bring about the best of results. So, which ones are you planning to try?

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