She has already has 13 children. She is 65 years of age but that did not stop Annegret Raunigk from going in for another pregnancy. One that turned out to be quadruplets. Barring any mishaps, Annegret already in the 21st week of pregnancy is shaping up to be the oldest mother of quadruplets. No pun intended. In breaking this record she will be breaking that of Merryl Fuder who was 55 at the time.

Lehrerin Annegret.jpgAnnegret has hit the headline before, when she had a daughter at the age of 55. Her 13 children, the oldest of whom is 44 were by 5 different fathers. She also has 7 grandchildren. This time around, she conceived by artificial insemination through donated sperm and eggs.

According to her, she was shocked when the initial scan showed that she was carrying quads. Her gynecologist had suggested “selective reduction”, where one or more fetuses are aborted in a multi-fetal pregnancy, but Annegret had refused to do so, instead deciding to carry all 4. An English and Russian teacher from Berlin, who will be retiring this year, Annegret says she does not anticipate any difficulties in bringing up the babies. She feels she is “quite fit and capable of looking after them”, and does not anticipate any problems.

Looks like this lady has a lot of self-confidence, as she defends her decision to go for a pregnancy this late in her life by stating, “I think one needs to decide for oneself and not listen too much to the opinions of others.” As reported by the German press, she is not worried about what the future will be like in 5 years, with a teenage daughter and 4 babies. Annegret firmly that she will remain in good health.

So, what can we do but wish all success, and very good health for this 65 years young Mom to be.