Georgia Davis, living in south Wales, has recently had to be lifted out of her home in Aberdare, south Wales by a crane. Georgia, 22, weighing 60 stone or about 380 kg, had to be taken to the hospital. This emergency operation was a dramatic affair, stretching over 7 hours. According to neighbors up to 12 fire, police and ambulances were needed, and all roads in the locality had to be closed.

60stone-WomanIt may come as no surprise that some neighbors were irritated. According to Daily Mirror, who reported this incident, an eye-witness who did not want to be named said, “It was absolute chaos. There’s 999 vehicles everywhere and dozens of emergency service workers.

All the roads are shut down and parents and school transport can’t get to the nearby schools and colleges, it’s been complete lock down all day.”

79 years old Margaret Evans, who lives on the same street thought Georgia had fallen down and could not get up again. She said that the French windows had to be eventually taken out so that she could be removed. According to her, no one could get in or out of their homes, and it was not very nice.

Georgia-DavisAnother neighbor, Nancy Love, however, described her as a lovely person.

This was the 2nd occasion that Georgia, who lives in a specially adapted flat, was dubbed “Britain’s fattest teenager”, had to be lifted from her home on an emergency basis. The earlier occasion happened in 2012, when she had been living in a different house. At that time, a total of 40 builders, scaffolders and emergency workers had been needed and a temporary ramp had to be built.

But why is Georgia Davis so morbidly obese? It turns out that she is a victim of ‘yo-yo dieting’, which started with ‘comfort eating’ after her father was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently, passed away. She has promised herself that she would lose weight, but has failed each time. She has been a victim of bullying for most of her life. It is a sad commentary on society that such things can happen.