Have you ever wonder how was the earth before the human existence or which type of creatures roamed on earth when there was no human. Here is a list of the top ten deadly creatures from that era ,that will give you goose bumps and haunt you in night.

1. Carbonemys – It was a giant turtle with a head size equal to a big football. Its jaws were so strong and big that he could eat a crocodile in just one bite. It existed 5 million years ago and Could survive both on land and water.Carbonemys

2. Arthropleura – This was the insect like creature with a resemblance to a millipede, but much bigger than it (approx. 20 feet). These creatures were mostly found in warm forests around the earth and ate plants.Arthropleura

3. Brontoscorpio – Today’s scorpions are smaller but this scorpion creature was very big. Brontoscorpio were sea scorpion, who led the expansion of life to the land as they were the some of the first creature who can live both on land and sea.Brontoscorpio

4. Jaekelopterus – If you get scared from the description of Brontoscorpio, then this creature will scare you even more. Jaekelopterus were the more massive and dangerous version of Brontoscorpio. They were the biggest scorpion in the history. They prey largely on small fishes and Brontoscorpio.Jaekelopterus

5. Anomalocaris – Anomalocaris are the ancestor of modern day shrimp. Their name meaning is “abnormal shrimp” as they were very scary and were of the size of an arm.Anomalocaris

6. Pulmonoscorpius – It was another scorpion-ish creature, who lived on land. They were pure carnivorous and ate large insects and lizards.Pulmonoscorpius

7. Cameroceras – Cameroceras can be regarded as the great grandfather of today’s cuttlefish, squid and octopus. They were of 6m in length and had large, strong tentacles to grab and kill their prey. Beside their mouth most of their body was covered in shell.Cameroceras

8. Kaprosuchus – We all are afraid of crocodiles but what will happen if they will grow to the size of a SUV car and will also walk on land as easily as they swim in water. These were the characteristics of Kaprosuchus, who were so strong that they could kill dinosaurs if they came in their way.Kaprosuchus

9. Titanoboa – Today the most of the snakes can’t grow more than 20 feet in length and this pre historic snake creature was 50 feet big. This mammoth limb-less creature ruled the water bodies by preying on crocodiles and other water creatures.Titanoboa

10. Livyatan melvillei – We all love whales as they are big, harmless and VEGETARIAN. But Livyatan melvillei who was a distant cousin of whale had razor sharp big teeth and was capable of killing everything in the sea .Livyatan-melvillei