Probably all of us who are not teetotalers have had one too many and gotten drunk. Some people do it regularly. Others try to avoid the situation, but sometimes it just creeps up on you. At the least, it’s an embarrassment. It can lead to legal hassles if you are caught DUI, and at its worst, it can end up causing injury or death to other people and even yourself. How we wish there was a magic method through which we could drink all we want and never get drunk. It has seemed to be a distant dream, till now. An interview with a master brewer in the Esquire it was revealed that there was indeed a way to do that.

This is how it all happened.
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Jim Koch, the co-founder of the Boston Beer Company, and a well-known face as he appears in the Sam Adams Beer ads, was the man being interviewed, and a sort of legendary figure. During the interview, the interviewer noticed that while both he and Koch downed a number of pints of different beers the latter didn’t seem to feel the effects of the alcohol at all, unlike himself. When he remarked that he was going to be “wasted” after the interview, Jim revealed his secret. Simply active dry yeast. The standard yeast you get from a store. A teaspoon per pint, taken before drinking. Jim usually mixes it with yogurt to improve the taste. Jim however emphasizes that it mitigates the effect of alcohol and does not remove it.

Here’s how it happens. Alcohol metabolism happens in the liver where it is carried to by the blood stream, which breaks it down into carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. The yeast contains enzymes which performs the identical action in the stomach, even before it can enter the blood stream. It acts as a buffer and helper for your liver, allowing you to drink more alcohol than you normally could.

Jim says that he in turn got the tip from his good friend the late Joseph Owades (“Dr Joe”) a craft beer legend in his own right. With a PhD in Biochemistry and a job in the fermentation sciences department of Fleischmann’s, Dr Owades probably knew more about alcohol metabolism and fermentation than any man alive. Jim calls him “the best brewer that ever lived.” Dr Owades understood that active dry yeast has an enzyme in it called alcohol dehydrogenases (ADH). ADH performs roughly the same function as the liver. He also realized that if the alcohol hits the ADH in your stomach, the process of metabolism will start right there.
The interviewer says he tried this out the very next day with a packet of Fleischmann’s and a six-pack. He says that after taking the yeast and guzzling down the six cans, he only felt mildly buzzed. He didn’t have a Breathalyzer around, but the fact was that he was awake and not feeling all that drunk either.

The question may arise that why a person might drink so much if not to feel drunk. After all, the reason for drinking alcohol is to feel its effect. Well, there could be several reasons, somegood, some bordering on the trivial. A work party, your daughter’s wedding, your own wedding for that matter, if you are a lightweight and would like to keep up with your drinking buddies, or you could simply be a dick with money to waste!

So, what can we take away from all this. If there is a compelling need to drink more alcohol than is good for you, use Jim Koch’s method of consuming active dry yeast right before you start drinking. It will only mitigate and not eliminate the effect of the alcohol. A Breathalyzer test will still catch you out. So do it when absolutely necessary, and never for the heck of it.