charge your phoneLatest smartphones are excellent but everyone hates it when it comes to charging them as it takes several hours at a stretch making one difficult to communicate. Perhaps, that must be resolved quickly or has it been by now? Qnovo is an emerging firm based in California boasting to have come up with an innovative approach for recharging the standard lithium-ion batteries over 6 times faster than usual. According to the firm, more customers can now access 6 hours of active phone life after charging for 15 minutes alone. However, it is claimed that software application from Qnovo will now recharge your Lithium-ion Batteries 6 times Faster

how to charge your phone fasterHow can this be a reality? Qnovo explains that no two batteries are identical and determining how much extent of electricity can be transmitted to a battery without causing any damage to it, can create all the effect in the first place. Lithium ion standard batteries become obsolete over time due to varied charging results in dendrite production. To stop quicker deterioration, device manufacturers resist the extent to which electricity will be transferred to the battery strictly. This definite approach allows longer battery life while increasing the charge time for a certain period.

how to charge your phone fastQnovo emerged with a comprehensive solution to this never ending problem. Trying to focus upon just decreasing the charging current to the lowest possible count, it is necessary to define the exact value that we never consider that might cause damages to the battery? Concentrating upon the fact that every battery is unique, each model will have a different value and to overcome this, Qnovo has come up with a comprehensive design with a feedback loop which is enough smart. The objective is to constantly assess the battery’s status to ensure it is obtaining the maximum current. With the sending of a single pulse and identifying the voltage response, Qnovo can analyze the battery’s temperature, age and other factors that results in enough charging. This paves way for tweaking of current.

The final result after maximizing the current input, as per Qnovo, is that you get to charge the batteries about 3-6 times swifter and the battery continues to be in good state. As of now, Qnovo furnishes two options; either have the software that will run on smartphone/laptop and increase the charging value or you can prefer the special chip that will assist in the charge circuits for your product. It is opined that Qnovo is on to different things that could very well redefine the mobile market.