Imagine being born with a rare genetic disorder where your bones were so brittle that a mere sneeze could cause them to break? Well, that was the case with Ms. Rebecca Dinsdale. She was born with a condition called Brittle Bone Syndrome or OsteogenesisImperfecta. A typical person suffering from this disease will suffer a few hundreds of painful bone fractures throughout their life – and for seemingly no reason.

China DollIn Ms. Dinsdale’s case, she was apparently born with every single bone in her body broken. Some had broken in the womb and the rest during childbirth. Not wishing to give the parents any false hopes, the doctor’s advised them to take Rebecca home at 2 and a half months of age. They predicted that is she was lucky, she’d live to become 2 years old.

But since then, Rebeca has not only overcome almost impossible odds, this China Doll as her parents nicknamed her, has even shown the courage to walk down the aisle herself, without the help of her zimmer frame or wheelchair!

China DollRebecca grew up to be 31 while going through many adversities, and of course a very painful life. But having crossed the 2 years mark, every added year has been a gift for her parents, who love their child. We’d normally think that a person with such a condition was probably looking at a very lonely existence. But back in 2005 she met her now-husband, Norman. He is an IT technician and lives in Belfast. Their relationship has grown from strength to strength, till a few weeks ago they tied the knot.

As expected, Norman was looking out for Rebecca coming down the aisle in her wheel chair. But when the 3 ft. 7 in. love of his life chose to take the steps up to the altar herself, free of any contraptions, at great personal cost – it sort of sealed the deal for them. She further surprised guests and her husband alike by dancing in Norman’s arms!

Now that is really an inspiring story – and one that makes you believe! No matter what the odds that fate throws your way – with perseverance and faith – they can be overcome!

China Doll

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