You are pregnant? Congratulations! If this is your first pregnancy, you should know that it is vital that you stay fit, both for yourself and your unborn child. It will help you feel better and stay healthy and that is good for your baby too. You will have more energy, keep your weight gain under control, and have proper muscle tone that will let you have an easier delivery, both in terms of pain and discomfort. Staying fit and active will also reduce the chances of conditions such as pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes. It will also help you regain post-delivery to quickly regain your pre-natal levels of fitness and weight. However, you have to remember that your standard exercising regime will probably not be safe for you or your unborn child, particularly if you have a vigorous regime.


Here are 6 things you should do to make sure you remain both safe and fit during pregnancy.

1 Safe Workout Routine

If you are already working out, you should consult your doctor and find out if it is safe to carry on as it is. If not, the physician will be able to advise you as to what a safe workout routine. If you do not exercise; ask her for the same advice and start. You’ll be better off. However you should get into the plan gradually so that you can get used to it. Rule of the thumb is if your pregnancy is safe, moderate exercise is all right. But always consult your physician.

2 Low-Impact Exercises

Your routine should include only low-impact exercises. Low-impact exercises are those that do not have the risk of falling down or hitting the ground too hard. It’s no big deal though. Just avoid things like cycling, skiing, and high-impact activity like soccer or boxing. Again your physician will help you choose ones that you find pleasant and easy to do. The Mayo Clinic advises that you should avoid stuff that involves lying flat on your back after the first trimester.

3 Warm Up

Remember to warm up before starting your routine, and cool down afterwards.

4 Avoid Dehydration

Drink lots of water to keep you cool. If you find that you are feeling too hot while going through your routine, consider slowing down. It is said that a body temperature higher than 102.6° F can cause developmental problems to your fetus.

5 Never Strain Yourself

Listen to your body all the time. If it tells you that you are getting overworked, slow down. Never strain yourself. If you ever feel any abnormality such as dizziness or shortness of breath, vaginal bleeding, or leaking of vaginal fluid, or pain or contractions, stop and immediately consult your doctor.

6 Pregnancy Progresses

Your routine should change as the pregnancy progresses. Remember that the shape of your body is changing. Some exercises which you are OK with early in your pregnancy, may cause unbalancing later on as your baby grows. Cut them out. Go for safer and easier ones. And as always consult your doctor. You may find walking difficult, and a strain on your joints. Try swimming instead. Consider joining a pre-natal exercising class.

Once you are pregnant, you will have bouts of lassitude. With your growing belly, you will feel overweight, lacking in energy and aches and pains. You have to force yourself to stay active and fit, for yourself and your baby. Proper exercise will strengthen your back muscles and help you carry the increasing weight. You will feel more active and energetic. Unfortunately, there are certain situations that render your pregnancy unsafe. If you have heart disease, or carrying twins or triplets, or some other conditions, it is not safe to exercise. Your doctor is always the right person to consult. If you don’t have such problems, just exercise and stay fit. It is better for your baby and yourself, and will ultimately help you to get back in shape faster after the delivery.