The new advancements of medical science proved that life is not short. But life is short or long – it is all depend on our standards. So today we are teaching you a few simple practices that can help you to live it right! Nobody should dictate what you have to do in life – because it is yours. But with these 6 practices – you’ll be able to keep yourself on track!

love your life

#1: Do what you love to do

Now this does apply to every single thing you do in life. But here specifically, work is being referred to. On the average, you work between 45-50 hours in a week. That’s a helluva lot of time! And do you want to really be spending that time forcing yourself to do something you do not enjoy?

Instead opt for a job that you really enjoy doing and that makes you feel alive!

#2: Enjoy and value your relationships

Yes, me-time is very important for the mind and soul. But relationships and the people you have around you are what prop you up, support you and give you the energy to keep going. So never lose sight of their value. Also humans are made in such a way that they thrive when in meaningful relationships – so forge as many of them as you can. The shared love and care will eventually make you a better person.

#3: Live Fully Present

Yes dreams are important for the future. But the only thing you control now is the Present – and not the future. And those who run for the future may or may not achieve it – but in the process they almost always squander away the time they had.

Instead keep your dreams in sight – but live the present and make the most of each individual moment.

#4: Purge Negativity

Negativity pulls you down – and they’ll always keep you from achieving your full potential. For instance a negative person will never let you grow – but always push you down. Similarly negative habits and emotions strangle the originality and love inside you.

Stay away from these at all cost, because they only make you feel alive – in reality, they are slowly killing you faster.

#5: Stop Waiting for Permission

This life is yours and the only person whose permission matters is – yours. Don’t be waiting around for someone to say it’s okay before you go ahead with what you want to and decide to do.

Once you want to do something, you should weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself. And once your heart and mind says ‘yes’ – no other ‘no’ should actually count!

#6: Don’t Apologize

Most of us go through life constantly being apologetic for what we want, what we desire, our choices and what we achieve. And more often than not – the feeling of being apologetic actually holds us back from going ahead and grabbing life by the horns.

But don’t keep doing this. You have one life – and you need to live every moment of it. And you actually owe nothing to nobody for that. So go out there and live life – and never be sorry for that!

The choice is yours, the life is yours. Dream big – because dreaming is the first step to getting there. And always keep these things in mind. Never forget that you have that one life – and what you make of it is solely in your hands. And when the time comes and you face death – you don’t want to have any ‘what ifs’ and regrets in your mind!