You are actually governed by the laws of Karma, just as everything in the world is governed by the laws of Physics. You may not know it – or you may believe that your life is actually in your own hands. But these Karmic laws will govern your entire life. And instead of being afraid of some grey laws, it’s best to know them and be empowered by your knowledge instead!

Let’s now check out…


The 12 Laws of Karma

#1: The Great Law – this law is often also called the “Law of cause and effect”. And it is just that. Whatever you put out into the world will come back to you – so think before your every action, because you’ll attract the same back to yourself.

#2: The Law of Creation – Everything is created so as to be one. So you are also one with the universe. And both your outer and inner self and connected to it. So if you actually want something to happen, look for the clues from without to make it happen.

#3: The Law of Humility – You have to be able to accept everything. Acceptance is the only thing that will help you to put it behind yourself. And one who accepts anything lower has actually transcended to a higher state himself.

#4: The Law of Growth –Growth of the world and everything around you starts with your own growth. This is because you are the only thing you have control over – so work on growing yourself, and things around you will improve.

#5: The Law of Responsibility – Learn to take responsibility. Even if you did not directly affect something, understand that you may be responsible for it in some way or the other. And accept it, to overcome it.

#6: The Law of Connection – Everything in the universe is actually interconnected. So there are no real chances and coincidences. Everything happens for a reason and by the Great Law! And by the same law – the past, the present and the future are also closely connected.


#7: The Law of Focus – Focus is a singular thing. You can only be focused on one single thing to do it right. In the same way, if you can find true focus in our spiritual value, you can actually rise above all the base feelings.

#8: The Law of Giving & Hospitality – What you learnt and what you have received, you must return at some point of time or the other in life. The right time and opportunity will come – and you need to look out for it.

#9: The Law of Here & Now – Whatever is, is in the here and now. If you hark back to the past and live in it, you will waste your time. Instead make the most of the present.

#10: The Law of Change – Change is essential – and the only constant in life. If you do not change – history repeats itself over and over again, to teach you the same lesson till you learn it.

#11: The Law of Patience & Reward – All reward in life is in response to patience and toil. If you get a reward today, you must’ve done something to earn it. And never expect any reward unless you have worked for it.

#12: The Law of Significance & Inspiration – this is the last of the Karmic Lawsand possibly the most important. Always expect only that which you have put into something – never more. And if you put in something lackluster, you will actually not make any difference to the original – either good or bad.

The Karmic laws may well govern you – and if you do not see it yet – in time you will. But the wise thing to do is to accept these laws and their working and to walk through your life with them in mind. They need not govern your life – as long as you realize that by following them you yourself govern your life!