With Christmas just round the corner, kitchens all over the country are smelling delicious with all the baking cookies, fruits cakes and of course the Christmas puddings. And when we speak of the season’s best confectionary – how can you not discuss decorating them! And to that end, we have brought you 5 really innovative ways to decorate your Christmas cookies!

how to decorate christmas cookiesMind you, christmas cookie decorating, at this time of the year, is always a lot more fun if you involve the kids in the job. You could just as well get your children to pitch in. Or even better – set up a Christmas cooking decorating party for them! Call 3-6 of your kid’s closest friends, bake a large batch or two of cookies, and get together all the other supplies. And then watch how much fun the children have! Yes, you will have to clean up afterwards, but ‘tis the time of having fun – so why should the children lose out!

And now for the actual designs!

#1 Pen Down A Personal Message

decorating christmas cookies - Pen Down A Personal MessageYou can easily get hold of an edible ink pen. And these usually come in assorted colors too. The fine tip allows you to write properly and just as you would on paper. However, to start, do coat the cookies in royal icing in a nice soothing light tone. Let them dry out completely. And then you can take your pen to your cookie, so to speak! And depending on how artistic you are – you can give your imagination free reign!

#2 Spray Paint A Doily Pattern!

decorated christmas cookies - Spray Paint A Doily PatternThis is another great idea. Again start with the royal icing. Flood the cookie top with this to create the base that will hold the paint. Let this dry. Then you start the painting. Use a doily as your stencil. But you must be wondering about the paint. Well, not to worry. You do get a special product called a spraying color mist from Wilton. This is available in a range of colors, and they come in spray containers already. So just lay on your doily and spray away!

#3 Use Lacy Imprints!

christmas cookie ideas - Use Lacy ImprintsNext up we have this other great idea. For this you need to start before you bake the cookies. Make the dough. And chill it. Now use a rolling pin to roll it out to a little thicker than your actual cookie thickness. Now take a doily made of thick lace. Lay it on. Now take your rolling pin and roll over the lace doily till your cookie dough reaches the right thickness.

At this stage, the doily will come off easily if the dough has been chilled right. All you then have to do is use a cutter and you have pretty cookies ready to bake!

#4 Go Shortcut: Use Edible Printed Paper!

christmas cookie decorating - Use Edible Printed PaperYou get some really lovely edible printed paper squares. And these are really the shortcut way to decorate cookies. Start by icing your cookies, but don’t let the icing dry. While it is still wet, position the edible wafer paper on it. As it dries, the paper will merge with the icing and become one. If you want a cleaner edge, just go over with a piping gun and some fresh icing over the edges!

#5 Create Stained Glass Cookies!

christmas cookie decorating ideas-Create Stained Glass CookiesThis is the funnest! For this you will need your cookie dough and hard candy in different colors. Roll out the dough. Cut out your patterns. Now cut out the centers from these. Or you can make a large square and cut our four smaller squares inside it to make it look like a window. Lay these on the baking sheet. Crush the candy – and use to fill the empty cutouts. Bake and once cool, peel off the paper and see the effect!

Decorate Your Christmas CookiesAnd now that you have seen these 5 cool ways to jazz up your cookies in the run up to the one season of the year that everyone looks forward to – get together your supplies and get baking!