Imagine a funeral for a goldfish… Haven’t heard of that one before? But this is going to be one of the most heart touching stories you have ever heard! This is the story of KowenGeherman and his pet goldfish, Top. The young boy is from Alberta in Canada, and a video posted on YouTube by his mother Brooke showing the entire incident has actually gone viral!

So far the video has received over 545,000 views and it shows Kowen standing in the family bathroom, cradling his little goldfish. The fish is quite obviously dead. When his mother asks him who Top is, Kowen is quick to point to the limp fish in his hand and say ‘This one’. As if realizing how much he loves his fish, he goes on to give the fish a kiss, followed by another. This is the moment that really melts many people’s heart because the boy looks so sincere, and yet his fish is really dead! What is meant to be a ‘funny video’ really takes on more meaning.

GoldfishAfter this, when his mother asks him where he is going to put the fish, he says that he’ll be putting it in the toilet. His mother suggests that he should then flush Top down the toilet. Kowen then does just that. But it is at the point when the whole ‘funeral ritual’ for the beloved goldfish is over and Top has really disappeared, than the fact dawns on little Kowen.

GoldfishWith the realization that his fish is really gone and isn’t coming back – ever – little Kowen actually bursts into tears, while repeatedly saying ‘Top’. Even adults have a difficult time adjusting to mortality and living with loss. And when you consider this little boy just lost his little friend, it really breaks your heart. The responses from viewers on YouTube are really heartwarming, since most people seem to identify with the boy’s sorrow and are indeed sad with the way things worked out. It would seem that as people grow up, they are better able to deal with mortality – but the sorrow probably still remains the same!