Wanna fit into those skinny jeans? I must tell you at the outset that there’s no single exercise or food which is gonna help you lose weight in your legs. Read these 9 ways of: ‘How to lose weight in your thighs’ — if you’re looking to trim down.

Kick Up the Cardio

how to lose weight in your thighsHeart-pumping cardio helps to burn calories which leads to reduction of your overall body fat. Do biking, running, and jumping rope, as they burn the most calories. Plus these exercises tone the legs. 60-minute sessions five times a week are recommended to see desired results.

Get High

how to lose weight in your thighsTo burn more calories try running uphill, or biking uphill; alternatively, take the stairs outside or in your home. These exercises instantly increase the heart rate. Incline targets the thighs, hamstrings, and tush, therefore, tones your lower body

Spot Tone

how to lose weight in your thighsCardio helps strip away that extra layer of fat surrounding your lower body, but you’ll always want to show strong, toned muscles underneath. Start doing moves that help sculpt your inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, and butt. And you’ll be rewarded with leaner and slimmer legs.

Fuel Your Day

how to lose weight in your thighsNever think of skipping the first meal of the day as it’ll jumpstart your metabolism, thus will help bring about reduction in your overall body fat, and ultimately result in leaner legs. Stay away from sugary meals with refined carbs, instead eat a combo of protein and fiber-filled complex carbs. Proteins provide energy so you’ll feel pumped for that early-morning cardio workout. Furthermore, it also helps build muscle.

Snack Often

how to lose weight in your thighsKeep eating something in a gap of a few hours to prevent hunger from causing you to overeat. We recommend snacking in between meals. Eat foods high in protein and fiber; they’ll fill you up as well as provide energy to your body.

Record Your Meals

how to lose weight in your thighsCutting calories is vital in order to slim down. So we recommend keeping a food journal; a study found that those who logged what they ate six days a week lost twice as much weight as those who only kept track of a day or less. To lose a pound a week you need to cut 500 calories a day —- exercise can cut 250 while the remaining 250 can be cut via diet.

Drink More Water

how to lose weight in your thighsBy avoiding sodas, fruit juices, and other sweetened beverages, instead replacing these with water you’ll get to save hundreds of calories. H2O is a zero calories drink that keeps body hydrated, thus helps lose weight. We recommend sipping water throughout the day, especially before meals. Filling up on water before eating helps encourage portion control.

Sleep Right

how to lose weight in your thighsGetting enough rest aids in weight loss. Sleepiness causes people to snack more, plus make them too tired to work out.

Consider Your Genetics

how to lose weight in your thighsIf you have a pear-shaped body and your sister, mother, aunts, and grandmother also have the same body shape then doing lot of exercise, as well as eating right, won’t make any difference in it. So we recommend not to stress or obsess about it.