Do you ever wonder what if your whole workout routine can be just summarized in just a limited number of exercises? If yes, then here are the five exercises you will need to have a complete workout and maintain a healthy physique. According to Dr. Pat Davidson, Director of training methodology at peak performance “Human evolution led to five basic movements, which encompass nearly all off our everyday motions”. To which he means that your workout just needs five exercises, from below categories to achieve the overall development and change. These categories are Push (forcing yourself away from you), pull (forcing yourself towards you), hip-hinge (bending from the center), squat (flexing at the knee) and plank (balance your core). For practicing this routine you need to pick one exercise from one of these categories, and then do 12 reps of it in two sets. After it, do the exercise from the next category and continue till you have done all. Do this regularly for three to four times a week. Excessive doing of this will lead to over pressuring of yourself.


push upExercises-Push ups, dumbbell shoulder press, push press

Best exercise-Bench press

How to do it-Hold a heavy barbell at your sterum and lie face up on a bench, with hands and shoulder width apart and elbow bent into sides. Push bar directly above chest by extending arms. Take a pause, and then lower the barbell to the beginning.


pull upExercises- Dumbbell row, chin-up, cable row

Best excise-Pull up

How to do it- keep palms facing away from your face and hang from a bar. Keep your arms straight, knees bent so that your feet don’t touch the floor. Pull your chest toward bar by bending elbow. Then lower yourself to beginning.


Exercises-Kettle swing, Romanian dead lift, Trap-bar dead lift

Best exercise- Dead lift

How to do it-On the floor set a heavy barbell in front of you. Push your hips back as you bend forward. Grab the bar with hands; more apart than shoulder width while your palms facing the body. Keep your back straight as you standup lifting the bar. After this take the bar down to the beginning.


Exercises- Barbell squat, Lunge, reverse lunge

Best exercise-Split Squat

How to do it-While left foot resting on a bench, stand on your right leg and Hold a heavy dumbbell in each had. Lower you body by bending your knee until left knee hovers just above ground. Straight the leg and then apply the same procedure on other leg.


Exercises- Plank, bird dog, side plank

Best exercise-Farmer’s Walk

Keep your palms facing the body and stand up straight .Hold a heavy dumbbell in each hand. Walk 20 meters while maintain this posture. Turn and repeat after it.