What if you are seeing some symptoms in your body but you are not exactly aware what is it? Then probably you would stop by internet to understand what is which is happening with you and causing these symptoms to occur. There are some basic health problems which individuals are often concerned about, and we have bought forward some information regarding the same to educate you about it.


health-problems-diabetesApprox. one out of every eleven people is suffering from diabetes and most of them are left undiagnosed till they reach a severe stage. People suffering type-1diabetes might also face weight loss while those suffering from second type might have to go through numbness or pain in their hands of feet. Hence individuals should keep a strict watch on the same and approach their doctor if they find something inappropriate.


health-problems-depressionDepression is a basically mental health order, of which almost seven percent of the adults are going through. There are different kinds of depression, and each one of has a different symptom and the same might vary from one individual to another


health-problems-copdCaused due to excessive cigarette smoking, COPD (Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease) is another type of disease which has affected number of people mainly in western countries. It can cause trouble in respiration due to inflammation or thickening of air lining.

Rheumatoid arthritis

health-problems-rheumatoid-arthritisThis is known as disorder or swelling in joints and can lead to further deformation of bones. Arthritis is mainly caused in old people.


health-problems-lupusA large number of people suffer from this chronic disease and can attack immune system. it can impact different parts of the body as well and caused mainly in women.


health-problems-thyroidOne of the most common types of health problems in Women is thyroid, which is a gland at the base of your neck and produces thyroid hormone.

Acidic Reflux

health-problems-acid-refluxThis is also known as heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux, due to which acid flows through the stomach and causes problem in esophagus.


health-problems-asthmaOne of the most common type of chronic lung problems is Asthma which is becoming quite prominent due to rise in pollution and lung problems in different parts of various countries.

Bipolar disorder

health-problems-bipolar-disorderIt is severe mental health condition due to which person suffers difference in mood swings or energy levels. However such condition has a proper pattern and should be consulted before drawing conclusions.

Low testosterone

health-problems-low-testosteroneAnother health condition which has appeared in many men is suffering from low testosterone with growing age.

In case if you are seeing something unusual happening with you, then it is recommended to go to your doctor to find out if something is wrong with you.