As time goes by, and age starts to catch up with you, you start to lose your youthful glow. And even as you have anti-aging serums, creams and treatments galore, there is also another way to give your face a refreshing makeover! And that is through miracle anti-aging facial treatments! Be it now in 2015, or in any day and age, women have always wanted to look their best. And most of them have had some grievance or the other since their teens – about how their nose isn’t perfect or their cheekbones aren’t quite as high as some actress’!

miracle anti-aging facial treatmentsAnd the problem areas that are we are speaking about are the lips, jawline and cheekbones. And it is true that you can always go for cosmetic surgery to treat these areas. But surgery is expensive, time consuming, and does involve some risk. But we have for you here 3 easily accessible and quick treatments that can help you to target these three of the major problem areas… and they are as follows:

#1: More Defined Lips

Fuller lips are a feature that knock off years from your face – and also make you look really nice! Give the risky fillers a miss though. Not to mention that usually make you get a duck face! Instead, you should go in for Restylane Silk, an FDA approved filler – and a first on its kind!

Specially designed for your lips, these contain plumping molecules just the same. But the major difference is that the molecules in this product are the smallest seen in any product so far. So they just plump – and do not make your lips look swollen and almost ‘bee-stung’. Also, a single treatment lasts for a good 6 months, and is virtually pain free!

#2: Higher Cheekbones

Rosy apple cheeks are a feature most people associate with children and glowing young women. And rightfully so, since as you age, you start to lose much ofthe muscle and fat from your cheeks. In addition to that the skin loses its elasticity. The result is that fine lines and wrinkles, and particularly the smile lines start to appear. Botox is an option – but is painful, uncomfortable and expensive, not to mention risky. The alternative miracle anti-aging facial treatment that you should look into is Sculptra. This is also a filler, but one formulated for the cheekbone areas, especially the top. This is a filler of the poly-L-lactic acid type.

This is a lot more effective than the rest – and in their lies its value. Instead just filling up and showing immediate results, this one actually boosts the body’s collagen reproducing mechanism, and so the filling up takes time. But it is a lot healthier – and maintained properly, the results can last for up to a few years. It is a little on the expensive side – but the results are more than worth it!

#3: A Stronger Appearing Jawline

As the skin at the bottom of the neck starts to sag, so does your lower jaw. This results in the jaw losing its strong and defined appearance. But this can be targeted using 2 completely non-invasive treatments.

The first works best for those with oily and thick skin, since it penetrates deeper. It is called Ultherapy and uses ultrasound waves on the affected areas. The waves penetrate to tissues lying just above the muscle and tightens them. However, most people who have undergone this testify to feeling some discomfort much like zingers along the area. But the discomfort only lasts as long as the treatment does.

On the other hand, there is Thermage CPT which doesn’t penetrate quite as deep because it uses energy from radio frequency. It will do the same thing, but is more effective for delicate and thin skin. It is more comfortable, but also more expensive.

So, those were our 3 miracle anti-aging facial treatments. They are effective, for the most part pain free, and very effective. In fact, in the last few months, they’ve taken the entire anti-aging beauty industry by storm! Isn’t it time you gave them a shot too?