How To Take The Best Care Of Your HairDid you know that you could be the reason for your hair problems? Experts are saying many of the things we do to our hair can cause them to become weak, or cause hair fall, or other complications.

Here is a list of things which can cause hair damage:

• Excessive heat when drying.
• Using a barrel-brush when blow drying.
• Dyeing or perming hair to make it look thicker.
• Not brushing out the tangles before washing your hair.

Here are tips from experts as to how to take the best care of your hair:

1. Washing. Trichologists suggest gently brushing out the tangles from your hair before washing, while it is dry. Washing tends to aggravate the tangle problem, and trying to untangle wet hair can lead to breakages and hair being pulled out. If you are suffering from hair loss, a medicated anti-yeast shampoo such as Nizoral is the best for your overall scalp help.

2. Drying. While drying, people with weak hair should take extra care. Never use heated styling tools on wet hair. The most common offenders are hair dryers and hair straighteners. Over usage could be disastrous. Dry hair is less fragile than wet hair. Let your hair dry naturally as much as possible before going on to use those implements.

3. Brushing. Barrel brushes tend to stretch hair, and if used in combination with blow drying, can result in hair damage. Use an old fashioned flat brush with widely spaced bristles. On the whole, pure bristle brushes are better than synthetic ones.

4. Hair Extensions and Perms. Hair extensions can be risky unless used the proper way. Otherwise they can lead to excessive pulling of your natural hair causing a condition called traction alopecia.

Perming and dyeing may make your hair look thicker, but in the end they cause more damage. The same goes for back combing. There are styles which are designed to make the most of your hair without damaging it. Go for one of these styles.

So you see, taking proper care of your hair is not difficult. Just follow these tips and you can’t go wrong.