At this year’s New York Auto Show the car that stood out the most had to be, wait for this – the VW BeetlePink Edition! There were possibly only one of two emotions it could have raised in those whose eyes fell upon it; Great horror or utmost glee. Depending upon how you felt you would either shut your eyes and leave the neighborhood as soon as you could, or fall totally in love and spend the rest of the day hanging around.

Beetle from VolkswagenThis year VW showed 4 customized models of this iconic car, but the most likely one to go on production is the pink Beetle. The shade is described as a Pink Metallic more generally seen on fashionable fingernails. The shade is repeated inside in the stitching of the upholstery and the steering wheel. It may occur to you that this is the most misbegotten car of this Auto Show, but dealers say that there is growing demand for pink Beetles, and according to VW if people who want pink beetles want more pink in their Beetles, they are quite ready to max out the pink factor. Apparently Pink is the new sexy. Go figure!

This phenomenon has not only hit the USA, but it seems VW dealers in China have been showing a lot of interest in the pink Beetle. In the words of Michael Horn, resident and CEO of VW North America, “The ladies in the company have shown a lot of interest in the Pink Beetle”.

Beetle from VolkswagenThe 2015 Beetle comes with some advanced features such as optional Xenon headlamps and LED daytime running lights and 19″ alloy wheels, they seems to be overhanded by the Pink Metallic. If you are one of those who hate it, I leave you with this parting thought. German car makers make very durable cars, and pink Beetles, if they become a reality, are likely to be around for a long, long time.